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Time is running out for IE8

At long last we are nearing the end of Windows XP and Officer 2003. This is surely good news. For too long businesses around the country have been holding on to Windows XP as their primary operating system. Now in itself, XP is not a bad operating system, but for us web developers, it is the course of many a night without sleep.

Windows XP supports Internet Explorer 8 as the latest version. Internet Explorer is 4 and a half years old already. Come April 2014 it will be five years old but we shall finally all get to wave it good bye, and get on with building websites for the modern browser.

If you are STILL using Windows XP and IE 8, I suggest you take action sooner rather than later. Switch to Chrome or Firefox if you cant upgrade your copy Windows just yet, and don’t forget to tell your IT department to get a move on with the upgrade. Web browsers should never really be more than 1 year old in this day and age – certainly not 5!