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Norwich tech conference

There’s nothing like attending a tech or design conference to keep the old creative juices flowing. This has always required us to, at the very least leave Norfolk and sometimes the country. So it was with great anticipation that we attended the first ever Norwich tech conference, SyncConf.

We are happy to say that the event was a huge success. Some great speakers in attendance, and lots to digest. The main thrust of the conference revolved around Agile development techniques, something we already do here at HeadEnergy, but it was really great to hear how others put the methods into practice.

Our favourite talk of the day was from the founder of MultiMap, Sean Phelan, and listen to how multi map went from a part-time back room operation, to a €50million business that eventually became Microsoft Bing maps.

We really looking forward to more events from the team over at SyncNorwich, big thanks to them.