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Small Business Management Tool

Currently we are putting the finishing touches on our new small business management tool. We have been in need of a better tool for some time, but couldn’t find one that suited our needs. So, essentially we created our own during the quite midnight hours and any other time we could spare.

We are really pleased with the system and will soon be logging all our contact with you lovely people directly into it.

Web Site Iteration

We have been working on the new site for a couple of months now, and we’re very pleased with the progress we have made.

New Head Energy Site

The all too familiar “New Site” posting in a blog. Yes, we thought that we’d conform to this ritual and make the first post in our new blog about that fact that we can now post things in a blog in our new site. Still with us?

So, what exactly are we going to be adding to our blog. Well, that’s for us to know, and you to dot.. dot..