Why I do Web Design

Just read a great post over at 37Signals about career progression. Got me thinking about how we got here in the web design world. Like Jason, I can’t remember exactly where my interest in software design came from, but from the age of about 15 I knew that I wanted to be a software designer. Somewhere along the way, a few drunken nights at university got me an a flat mate working on a new website for the University of East Anglia, right here in Norwich. The idea was simple, a website for all the students to sign in and share ideas, thoughts, reviews of all sorts of student related things, and more. This turned out to be a great success, and after just a few short months we found ourselves nominated for the Guardian Media Awards for best student website….

…We didn’t win, but we still had a lot of fun running the site. This was back in 2002, and we shut the site down in 2004 as we finished our studies and needed to go get a real job. Little did we know, if we stuck around a few more months, we would have learned about this thing called “social media” and who knows where that site would be now?

I digress, the point is, this site got me hooked, and is pretty much the reason I have ended up working with websites rather than playing with databases in some dark cellar like some of my old class mates!

Why are you where you are now?

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